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Dynamics and applications of delay-coupled semiconductors lasers
Complex photonics: Dynamics and applications of delay-coupled semiconductors ..... In delay-coupled semiconductor laser systems zero-lag syn- chronization ...

Chaos synchronization between Josephson junctions coupled with
Jun 8, 2015 ... Key words:Josephson junctions; chaos synchronization;time delay systems ... [1] is of immense fundamental importance in a variety of complex physi- ... Chaos control in such systems is important for Josephson junction devices like .... ics: Dynamics and applications of delay-coupled semiconductor lasers.

Lag Synchronization of Complex Lorenz System with Applications to
Jul 15, 2015 ... synchronization of time-delay coupled complex Lorenz chaotic system to ... laser systems [6], coupled map lattices [35] and Julia sets [36].

Delayed complex systems: an overview - Freie Universität Berlin
Dec 30, 2009 ... applications have emerged in different areas, such as electronic engineering, ... between lasers and neural systems, in both of which delay effects are ... synchronization of coupled oscillators by time-delayed feedback in a ...

Delayed complex systems: an overview
applications have emerged in different areas, such as electronic engineering, ... between lasers and neural systems, in both of which delay effects are abundant. ... synchronization of coupled oscillators by time-delayed feedback in a rigorous ...

Physics and Applications of Laser Diode Chaos - arXiv
the opportunities for harnessing laser diode chaos for potential applications are ... more complex dynamics including chaos. .... optical chaos is achieved from the nonlinear coupling between .... chaotic systems with multiple stochastic-delayed.

Complex Dynamics of Delay-Coupled Neural Networks - IOPscience
Examples also include coupled semiconductor lasers, coupled oscillatory ... Since the extensive applications of delay-coupled systems heavily depend on their ...

Chaos synchronization in networks of delay-coupled lasers: Role of
Mar 5, 2012 ... applications in secure communication [3, 4]. ... of delay-coupled systems in general [6, 7, 8, 9] and in particular delay-coupled lasers ... the case of optically coupled lasers, because here the matrix G is complex valued due.

Networks of delay-coupled delay oscillators - the Max Planck
The analysis of time-delayed dynamics on networks may help to understand many systems from physics, biology, and engineering, such as coupled laser .... Describing complex systems as networks allows to investigate the relation ... modeling already found applications in various disciplines, such as ecology [10– 18],.

Synchronization and application of delay-coupled semiconductor
complex dynamics of a single SL arising from delayed feedback and external ... to the underlying nonlinear dynamics in the coupled laser system. Our research ...

Chaos and Synchronization in Delayed System : Applications to
particular delay-coupled lasers has thus been a focus of research in the last decades. When the lasers ... The MSF depends on a complex parameter reiψ and is.

Chaos and high-level dynamics in coupled lasers and their
Then, we take the ICL (injected coupled laser) system as a reference and illustrate the ... cryptography applications of optical chaos systems, such as random number ... Self-coupling systems (or DOF, delayed optical feedback). ..... expressed in terms of the reduced phase f of the complex signal, written as E0 exp iF,.

curriculum vitae - Instituto de Física Facultad de Ciencias
Laser Systems and Applications (2012-to date). ... TOPIC: Nonlinear dynamics of coupled excitable units under the influence of external forcing .... International Workshop on Delayed Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany, October 2009,.

Synchronization via clustering in a small delay-coupled laser network
Sep 3, 2007 ... complexity, and optical spatio-temporal dynamics. PACS 05.45. ... distributed time delays arise naturally in coupled systems, and several authors have ... Our results can also have broad applications to other systems, such as ...

Mismatch and synchronization: Influence of asymmetries in systems
May 18, 2011 ... In many technological and biological applications, synchronizing ... In the case of mutually coupled lasers, the zero-lag chaos synchronization exists but ... systems , is altered significantly due to the delay mismatch. In. Sec. V, we focus ... nj represent the complex electric field amplitude and the excess carrier ...

Complex network synchronization of chaotic systems with delay
and provides vast real time applications from biology to laser dynamics. In this paper ... Keywords: Complex Network, Synchronization, Coupling delay.

Reducing the phase sensitivity of laser-based - OSA Publishing
of delay-coupled semiconductors lasers,” Rev. ... A. Rodan and Peter Ti˘no, ” Minimum complexity echo state network,” IEEE Trans. ... shown that delay-based RC systems using a laser with optical delayed feedback can be used ... However, in many laser applications such as subwavelength position sensing or wavelength.

Exact synchronization bound for coupled time-delay systems
Apr 25, 2013 ... 6Institute for Complex Systems and Mathematical Biology, University of ... We obtain an exact bound for synchronization in coupled time-delay systems using the generalized Halanay ... chronization in systems with delay has potential applications in enhancement of output power in lasers, generating high-.

XXXVI Dynamics Days Europe Book of Abstracts 6-10 June Corfu
MS.11 Data-based Methods for Complex Dynamical Systems. 1.1.8 Parallel .... OC.021 Jittering regimes in rings of pulse oscillators with delayed coupling. • OC. 041 .... OC.039 Multistability in an erbium-doped fiber laser: photonic applications .
Book of Abstracts.pdf

Decomposing the dynamics of heterogeneous delayed networks
Oct 29, 2013 ... with applications to connected vehicle systems ... Delay-coupled networks are investigated with nonidentical delay times and the effects of such heterogeneity on the emergent dynamics of complex systems are characterized. A simple ... networks [4,5], semiconductor lasers [6,7], and traffic systems. [8–10].